GamePlan Review


PUMP – Pump is an Extreme Pre-training stimulation.  This powder packs a punch. I only took half of a scoop and that got me through my workout. I never felt a rush like that before. It really helped me push the pace in my workout.

WHEY – Whey is a Premium 100% All-Natural Whey Protein. 2 scoops equals to 48grams of protein at 220 calories. The flavor is awesome. If you like chocolate as much as I do you will love this taste!

RECOVERY – Recovery has advanced amino – acid recovery formula. This supplement rebuilds muscle, increases cell volume and enhances endurance. Recovery is taken after a work out. The flavor I have is fruit punch. It is really sweet at first but has a smooth after taste.

LIFE – Life is an all-in-one essential nutrient pack for optimal performance and health. There are 60 packs of vitamins. It is recommended to take it twice a day. Make sure you eat before consuming this. I made the mistake of taking it on an empty stomach and I felt very sick. Overall Life is very easy to consume it’s only 5 pills. One multivitamin, one omega3, and three triple greens.

Overall GamePlan has great supplements with great taste and awesome growth and repair power. I highly recommend to get yourself into GamePlan products. It will be your go-to supplements!!!

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