June 2017 Summer Camp day 4

Interesting conversations during pizza day

Friday is ice cream day. We will go to dairy bell in Dania beach to enjoy our last day of June’s summer camp.


June 2017 Summer Camp day 3


Today’s field day was awesome. We got to go watch Diary of a while kid at Oakwood plaza movie theatre. The seats reclined! 

Tomorrow is pizza day! 

How to support your child’s jiu jitsu

You’ve just enrolled your child in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program, and now you want to ensure your child fully benefits from the discipline, confidence, respect for others that comes with the art. A large part of your child’s progression depends on you as a jiu-jitsu parent. I’ll give you the DO’s and DON’Ts on being the best jiu-jitsu parent you can be.

DO – I highly recommend that a parent should stay and watch their child train. It gives you something to talk about with your child reinforcing what they learned in class. It also shows that you support their jiu-jitsu.

DON’T – Drop off your child to class. This shows lack of support and may discourage your child from training.

DON’T – Instruct your child from the sidelines during class. Your child must learn to respect and listen to the instructor.

DO – Share positivity. If you feel the need to say something, whether it be to your child, another student, or a parent, be sure to share encouragement. For example “great job everyone, keep it up”. However, refrain from saying too much, as it may distract the instructor and students.

DON’T – TALK ON THE PHONE. As an instructor I am easily distracted by someone talking on their phone during class.Students are often silently observing a move, and sound carries easily in the quiet gym. I also notice many parents glued to their phones instead of watching the class. Watching the class will give you and your child something to talk about on the ride home.

DO – Keep a routine going. Stay committed coming to class two to three times a week. This will yield the best results for your child.

DO – Preparation for class. Make sure your child comes to class 10-15 mins early. Make sure their gi is clean, nails are clipped and they have food in their stomach (preferably fruits or a light snack).

DON’T – Give your child a heavy meal or junk food before class. It will end up on the mat.

DO – Ask the instructor questions about what was taught in class or how your child is doing. This will give you a better understanding about what your child is learning.

DO -Be involved. I even recommend that parents to try out an adults class. Children love to play with their parents. Learning and training together with your child will create a one of a kind bond.

In most schools, the kids class is about an hour long, and in an art where repetition is key, reinforcing what was taught at home will help your child grow in the art. Being a good jiu jitsu parent will help your child get the most out of their jiu jitsu practice and really falls in love with the art, while strengthening your ties as a family.

I was at Nova Elementary today! 

I had the privilege today to show kids at Nova Blanche Forman elementary school Brazilian jiu jitsu!

The importance of jiu jitsu being used for self defense only 

Learn to fight so you don’t have too 

Elbow only bends one way. Showing the kids the mechanics of the elbow before showing the armbar. 

The kids pulling on my gi. They have a good grip. 😂 

I love teaching the kids at Nova elementary the beauty of this martial art. They were all full of questions and answers. 
Thank you Kelly Jo for inviting me it was an amazing experience. Thank you Logan for helping me show the gentle art.😁